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High Security


The CX-5 Series is suitable for use on all doors in houses, public and commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Key Control:  The CX-5 series keyway is of proprietary design and the distribution of the key blanks is strictly controlled.   Keys are only cut with a Restricted Key Card with a authorized signature which is kept on file.  CX-5 Series cylinders provide similar levels of key control at a fraction of the cost when compared to other high security key control systems.

Pick Resistance:  CX-5 cylinders are equipped with anti-picking side pins and mushroom top pins to make it almost impossible to pick.

Drill Resistance:  CX-5 cylinders are equipped with hardened steel pins which are situated in the cylinder face, this gives it a high resistance to drilling for protection of the top chamber and the sidebar.

Patented cylinder and Patent pending key.

CX-5 cylinders can be used in the most popular brand name locks.

CX-5 cylinders are made of solid brass.  

CX-5 keys are nickel silver to prevent breakage and reduce wear on the keys.